I want to run an organization for the students of Karachi by September 2021 that helps people to get a job by providing a platform where students and industries can connect through learning presenting skill and also building a team from Amal Academy.

I have this goal because even after 2 years of my graduation I didn’t get a job so I thought instead of finding a job, I should build a bridge between students and industries, so they don’t have to suffer in order to find a job. I want to fill this gap between students and industries.


It would be different from other sites that provide jobs because they don’t have recognition and also they work as a third party, they don’t have their own name. My future organization name would be ‘Connecting the dots’

While LinkedIn is a good platform for job opportunities but still it is not like that goal i had in mind. What if the person didn’t like or follow that page or group which needs that specific person or skills. For Instance, a microbiologist follow and like all the pages related to his/her field but the vacancy of microbiologist comes from the airways. The one who is graduated didn’t even know that he/she could be required in an airways also.

Therefore, I want to build a platform first where all the industries and companies share their job opportunities, and then I want to visit each university of Karachi to spread awareness about it (specifically for the fourth year student) so, they can visit that portal and find their vacancies easily. Either from the Nestle, Shan or any third class company as well.

The first three task I need to do is to plan first, then build a team then execute it.

It was really hard to push start this project that i had in my mind and to plan something would be much harder to that.

I felt really great because every time I thought it is never going to happen, and may be all I was lacking is ‘AMAL’.

A bridge between students and industries

I learnt that thinking about anything is quite easy, but when it comes to execute that specific plan, you can see all those flaws in it and try to amend it.

The next step is to build my team that would help me to reach the goal and then the last and final step would be execute this plan in reality.

“There are many things that seem impossible only so long as one does not attempt them.”